Coronavirus update #52 released

Greetings to all our families and friends of Maroba

I am sure you have all heard the news that overnight there has been a reported case of locally acquired Covid-19 in Sydney which this morning has increased to two cases. This is sad news indeed ending our month long free reign of no new Covid cases in NSW.   Unfortunately this means once again, we have had to amend our visitation arrangements.

As this case has been active from 30 April, if you live in Sydney or have visited Sydney since 30 April, please visit the following website to check close contact venues. If you have been to any of these venues on the date and times specified, we ask that you refrain from visiting Maroba.

As always visits for exceptional circumstances will be facilitated.

Staff have also been requested to advise us if they have been to any of these venues.

We realise with Mother’s Day coming up that this could be disappointing for some visitors. Remember at any time, we are able to offer Facetime and Zoom calls to those who are not able to visit. These can be arranged via Reception.

On another note, we have also been advised by NSW Health that from 1 June, all staff and visitors including contractors should provide evidence of their 2021 influenza vaccination. Whilst this requirement is not mandated in a Public Health Order we do not know what will happen in coming weeks, and as 1 June is not too far away we are passing this information on with advance notice. Visitors who normally receive an influenza vaccination and have not done so, we would recommend that you book in as soon as possible to be vaccinated.

If you have had your Covid-19 vaccine there is a requirement for at least a 2 week gap in receiving the vaccination. As always refer to your General Practitioner for advice.

We realise that there are some residents and families who do not normally obtain an influenza vaccine and providing other Covid related questions are answered appropriately, at this stage visiting arrangements do not change.

Did you see our Facebook page yesterday? Yesterday was World Hand Hygiene day and whilst we are in the middle of a pandemic, never before has washing our hands been so important. Let’s continue to practice good hand hygiene.

Also, when out and about in the community and at Maroba, remember

  • use the electronic sign in system or other check in process at the venue. The couple in Sydney were diligent with checking into venues using the QR code system, which has assisted the contact tracers immensely.
  • use hand sanitizer when offered and available before and after checking in.

Until next time, stay safe.

Kind regards

Viv Allanson, CEO


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