Coronavirus update #53 released

Greetings to all our families and friends of Maroba.

Well the Covid-19 pandemic continues to keep us on our toes!

As I write this, Victoria is on high alert as a growing number of sites are added to the list of Covid-19 exposure sites.

Please note:

  • Greater Melbourne and the City of Bendigo are currently considered an affected area.

As instructed by NSW Health, visitors who have been in Greater Melbourne or City of Greater Bendigo in the previous 14 days are to be excluded from Maroba.

As always, if you have visited these areas of concern and are a relative of a palliating resident we will conduct a risk assessment and consider how we can facilitate a visit with your loved one.

The ongoing situation globally and indeed in Victoria is a reminder that Australia remains at high risk of another wave of a Covid-19 outbreak. Whilst ever Australians remain complacent about vaccinations, the cycles of outbreak will continue and be more widespread particularly as the virus mutates. Vaccination of whole populations is good health policy, so I would encourage all who are eligible and have taken medical advice to make an appointment as soon as possible to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

I am pleased to say that almost all residents have received both Covid vaccinations and the majority of staff have been either fully vaccinated or had at least their first jab. This measure will certainly support our efforts to protect our residents from any Covid-19 virus circulating within our community.

We have now set the date of 10 June for consenting residents to receive their influenza vaccinations.  Consent forms to receive this vaccine have been distributed.

As per Update #52, NSW Health is advising that from 1 June, all staff and visitors including contractors should provide evidence of their 2021 influenza vaccination.

We thank those that have provided a copy of their certificate already and we have updated our Coolguard Visitor Management information system accordingly.

If you have not provided us with a copy of your vaccination certificate yet, please do so at your earliest convenience and preferably by 1 June.

If you are not able to provide us with an influenza vaccination certificate or an appropriate exemption certificate then we will be required to conduct a risk assessment at each visit and we ask that you do the following

  • If visiting during Office hours please come to Reception in The Manor
  • If visiting on the weekend we ask that you see the Registered Nurse on duty.

This process is to be followed at every visit and we thank you in advance for adhering to this simple process. Please be patient if this additional process creates delays.

Our big ask is that you also join us in our efforts by getting vaccinated!

On another note, have you received a copy of the June edition of the Maroba Connect? This was distributed to family and friends yesterday.  If you haven’t received a copy it is available as a download on our website or you can pick up a copy at Reception.

Until next time.

Kind regards

Viv Allanson, CEO

Download the update here