Update #17 from Maroba

Well, what a time it has been…2020 has certainly challenged us like never before and yet we are still smiling and enjoying life in new ways, both within Maroba and in our own homes.

We are half way through the year already and we are still being consumed with news of Covid-19. Who would have guessed that? We know when you wake up in the morning and as the day progresses there is so much news, local and international to catch up on and the last thing you may want to read, especially with this being our 17th update is news from Maroba however it is important that you stick with us and keep up to date.

In this update we share our concerns of the situation in Victoria and what this could mean for Maroba. A friendly reminder about the requirement to have proof of your influenza vaccination. And, why is this virus so dangerous for older people?  Read on.. download our latest update here

Handy links – https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19