On 12 July Dr. Albert Winseman presented on the topic ‘Strengths Based Leadership – Employee & Customer Engagement’.

Dr Al Winseman, Senior Learning & Development Consultant at Gallup will shine a spotlight on ‘Leadership’ and the needs of followers, inside and outside your organisation.  Al will share Gallup research around the Top 4 ‘needs of followers’, as well as Gallup’s ‘human needs at work’ framework and will lead discussion as to how understanding and focusing on these leads to better well-being, engagement and performance outcomes in organisations. These evidence based concepts are grounded in Behavioural Economics and proven across industry and geography.

Al will also interview Viv Allanson, a Gallup Certified Strengths coach, and recent CEO Award winner on her experience with strengths based leadership.

Join us on Friday 12 July 2019 from 9-11am at Maroba Caring Communities

This event has now passed.