Leaders in the Spotlight Series

In partnership with the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Maroba hosts a quarterly ‘Leaders in the Spotlight’ series that is proving very popular, attracting attendees from a variety of sectors and industries, not only the aged care sector. We invite interesting and inspiring speakers to talk on various topics that are designed to encourage leaders, and future leaders to create a vision that motivates, captivates and enhances their leadership skills.

In February, we welcomed Charlotte Thaarup into the spotlight, with her Mindful Leadership presentation. 

In May, renowned Geriatrician Tracy Brown shared her expertise in supporting older people in our community.

In July, we have Dr Albert Winseman from the Gallup Organisation leading a discussion on Strengths Based Leadership.

To be notified of future events, and be included on our distribution list please email marketing@maroba.com.au

We look forward to seeing you at our next session of Leaders in the Spotlight.