Charlotte Thaarup – ‘Mindfulness for Leaders’

In a world where change is constant, disruption is unpredictable and growth increasingly hard to extract, great leaders who can navigate ambiguity and bring out the best in their people have never been more in demand. The good news is that science and research is now able to provide the formula for how to do this. Neuroscience now shows the ancient tradition of mindfulness improves our cognitive function and helps us shift our mindset to manage our behaviours. Simply put it makes us better leaders.

In this session we will explore:

  • What can mindfulness do for you as a leader? And why does it make leadership easier and more sustainable for you?
  • Why is it more relevant now than ever?
  • How mindfulness cultivates who you are, enhancing your quality of life as well as your leadership abilities.

You will leave with tools and ways:

  • to be less reactive and more responsive
  • find calm in the midst of chaos
  • be gentler with yourself

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