Key Features

  • Room Category

    Shared room + shared ensuite
  • Maximum Occupancy

  • Maximum Refundable Deposit (RAD)

  • Maximum Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

    $ 47.10 per day (@MPIR of 5.73% from 1/7/17)
  • Explanation of payment options

    Residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit (RAD), a daily payment (DAP) or a combination of both.

    A Refundable Accommodation Deposit is paid as a lump sum amount.

    A Daily Accommodation Payment accrues daily and is paid on monthly basis.

    A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

  • Is the room or part of room offered on an extra service basis?

  • Example RAD %

  • Example RAD $

  • Example DAP $

    $23.55 per day
  • Description of quality, condition and amenity of room

    The Manor is a modern, two storey building and was constructed in 2008. It is divided into four areas named after familiar Newcastle suburbs – Nobby’s, The Hill, Honeysuckle and Waratah wings.

    It was designed to be an energy efficient building with many environmentally friendly features including natural air flow to complement a fully air-conditioned living space, high ceilings, natural lighting, double glazing on windows and internal gardens featuring cascading waterfalls to create peaceful living spaces for residents to enjoy.

    There are 18 double / shared High Care rooms with a shared ensuite available in the Manor (High Care).

    All rooms undergo a routine maintenance program including the walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings and fittings and are in excellent condition.

    Rooms are located on both the Western side of the building with views overlooking landscaped gardens and Braye Park.

    All rooms have electronically controlled tilt beds, call bell, internet, phone and television connections, phones on request, wall brackets for television installation, natural lighting, internal central lighting, built in wardrobes for clothing and general storage and are fully air conditioned which maintains a comfortable temperature all year round. Residents are welcome to bring their own special items of furniture to increase storage options.

  • Size of room m2 - excluding ensuite

    The rooms have an average size of 25.22 square metres
  • Description of quality, condition, size and amenity of common areas to which a person living in this room would have access.

    Common areas that residents have access to consist of comfortable lounge areas and intimate sitting rooms, dining rooms, activity area, a cinema, chapel for prayer and Church services, Café, Hairdressing salon, library, internet facilities, BBQ facilities, Gym equipment and a piano.

    Residents can enjoy the spacious lounge areas (762 m in each wing and 1022 m in the Junction Café). Dining areas are adjacent to resident rooms making for easy access at meals times. Each wing has its own dining area of approximately 682 m and 1022 m in the Junction Café. There is large screen TV / entertainment facilities in each of the lounges.

    Balconies adjoin the Lounge / dining areas with views toward the Harbour on the top floor and access to gardens and outside seating on the lower floors.

    The condition of the common areas (walls, doors, ceilings, windows, floors and fittings) is excellent and undergoes regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh, clean and safe for residents to enjoy.

  • Description of any specific accommodation or design features of the room, and the facility, to which a person in this room would have access

    Most rooms have lifter tracks installed on the ceiling to assist residents in moving in and out of their beds comfortably and safely.
    All bathrooms are specifically designed for residents requiring a high level of care and support with non-slip floors, a vanity, showers chairs and commodes, adjustable hand held shower heads, and vital call buttons for emergency support.

    Waratah Wing is a secure area designed specifically for residents with dementia.

  • Description of optional additional (ie not included in the accommodation price for the room) costs associated with the room and a description of the services offered for those costs

    Foxtel is available on request.

    Travel to shopping destinations are offered at a small fee.

    Newspapers are available on request.

  • Example DAP %

  • Description of any additional care or services offered at no additional cost

    Speech pathology services, pain clinic, Activities including arts and crafts, card and board games, concerts, puppet therapy, Theme days, bingo, indoor bowling, dancing, gardening, happy hours, movie days, shopping trips, sing-alongs.