Welcome to the Maroba Connect for April.
This Connect is a little different, just like the world at the moment!

We thought it was important for you to know what we are doing to look after the welfare of the Maroba residents in this current health environment, so this edition is dedicated to information about the Coronavirus.

We share some of the questions and answers we have received and also the ways you are able to communicate with your loved in this challenging time.

You can communicate 3 ways:

  1. Send an email to connect@maroba.com.au and a Spiritual Care Team member will deliver the correspondence and facilitate a reply;
  2. Write a letter which can be dropped off at Reception or posted the old fashioned way;
  3. Use FaceTime or Messenger.
    Many of our staff are already connecting families and residents this way and our staff members, some of whom are volunteering their time to do this outside of their work time, will endeavour to ensure there is communication for every resident. If you would like to arrange a time for a FaceTime call, please contact Reception on (02) 4935 0300 and register your interest. We will ask you for a preferred time slot and day. Our staff will endeavour to facilitate this call at the requested time, however please be patient as the time may not be convenient for your loved one ie sleeping, dining or involved in an activity. If this is the case we will make contact with you to work out another time.

Please continue to ask questions via an email (enquiries@maroba.com.au) and we will include them in our Q&A log.

Thank you for again for your understanding, patience and for being part of our community.

Stay well.

You can download the April Maroba Connect here