Art Program

Maroba is more innovative than ever before, delivering programs that create fantastic opportunity for residents to develop skills and independence through recreational art activities. We have been working in conjunction with Connectability to deliver the Arts Program here since 2017.

Based on researched that suggested the loss of skills such as fine motor and memory retention could be partially overcome through art, Connectability approached Maroba to commence a trial program within our facility with our residents.

The Leisure and Lifestyle team at Maroba run the program weekly encouraging our residents to explore their creativity and promote self-discovery. This program is seeing several advantages in our residents behavior as many of them involved are more engaged in other activities across the facility, a rise in their own self-esteem, confidence and concentration, fostering of friendship and teamwork amongst the group and improved fine and gross motor skills.

For an small fee of $15 per week, you can gain access to this amazing program and reap the many advantages this program has to offer.