General healthcare

We have a diverse range of highly skilled staff so we can offer specialised aged care services such as palliative care, dementia care, respite care, and general day-to-day healthcare. Your wellbeing is our priority.

You can keep using your family doctor but there’s no need to worry about going out to pick up a prescription. We get all pharmaceutical supplies delivered every day. We believe your health and wellbeing doesn’t depend just on a doctor or a pill so we look after you in other ways, too.

We have “lifestyle co-ordinators” who’ll make sure you eat your greens, do your push-ups and…we’re just kidding!

They will, however, offer you some activities (not too strenuous) that will keep you entertained, and help you to maintain your health – or even improve it. It’s never too late!

At Maroba Caring Communities there is always someone to talk to and bring you news. We’re lucky to have a dedicated group of community volunteers, such as Red Cross members, who are a valuable addition to our community’s wellbeing. We can also give you access to an interpreter or someone from your own cultural background if that would make you feel more at home.

Read about our specialist therapies and hospitality services that make life at Maroba a joy to live.