Pastoral care

Pastoral care and support is a part of life at Maroba as and when you choose to avail yourself of the various options available. You are invited to the Community Interdenominational Church services provided by Maroba for residents, carers, families and friends.

Come along and meet with others at Maroba Lodge Auditorium at 9.45am onSunday mornings with one of a roster of speakers from various walks of life, followed by morning tea.  The Salvation Army take this service on the third Sunday of each month.
You will be most welcome to come along to the Maroba Lodge Wednesday services with our Chaplain, Alan Walker, and his helpers at 9.30am followed by morning tea.

Each Wednesday in Maroba Manor  the service is provided in the lower ground floor Chapel at 10.45am.  Staff help with transport when needed.  Your attendance will be greatly appreciated.  If unable to attend we are very happy to visit you…… so please ask any of the staff and they will let us know.  It is amazing how many of our residents that went to Church or Sunday School in their younger years enjoy being able to participate once again.  And it is never too late to start attending for the first time!!!

All Are Welcome

You will also meet Geoff who offers individual pastoral care and spiritual support.  There are also a number of others who will happily support you in prayer, particularly if you are going through a difficult time, you just need to let us know.

Be assured that each week the senior staff of Maroba and the Board are praying for all our residents and staff.

Through the ministry of Islington Baptist Church who operates Maroba, volunteers have been trained to participate in support programs at Maroba.  These folk will be available, especially where your own family and friends are unable to visit on a regular basis.  We recognise that friendships and human connectedness play a vital role in our overall well being, so we look for opportunities to help you be as well as you can be – spirit – soul – and body!