Maroba Caring Communities digs deep for ovarian cancer research.

Acknowledging the need for more research into the deadly disease, we started a fundraising campaign.

Out of uniform days and BBQ’s were held and raffle tickets sold by staff and residents throughout May to raise money for the cause. The result of our fundraising efforts, close to $3000 which was matched by Maroba, bringing the total to $6000.

The money was gifted to Dr Nikola Bowden and team at the Hunter Medical Research Institute to progress their research work. They are testing old chemotherapy drugs in new ways to treat ovarian cancer patients who are resistant to treatment.

Dr Bowden said the money will dramatically impact on her research. ‘The funds will cover the cost of testing a new combination of chemotherapy drugs on ovarian cancer cells in the lab’ she said.

‘Our community is a generous one, and everyone donated what they could to try and make a difference to saving women’s lives.’ said Viv Allanson, CEO of Maroba.

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