Sustainability needs to be top down as well as bottom up

That is, for effective implementation, strategies need the support of the senior management.

We are fortunate at Maroba in having a committed CEO and supportive board. In developing our Environmental Policy, they demonstrated foresight and that they take a long-term view.

In adding Environmental Goals to our Strategic Plan, they demonstrated commitment.

Ongoing Learning

Our CEO attends all Sustainability Committee meetings. Senior managers sit on this committee, with our Maintenance and WHS manager and accountant as co-champions.

All internal staff meetings now have Environmental Sustainability on the agenda.

Employees are expected to take some personal responsibility for environmental sustainability. This premise is reinforced through staff position descriptions, the performance appraisal and development process, and our Code of Conduct.

As is evident, social responsibility and sustainability are now inherent in both our culture and methodology.

We welcome your interest in Maroba. If you have any feedback on our social responsibility aspirations, please call us on 02 4935 0300 or email us at