We believe that the best solutions often come from the people closest to the problem.

That’s why we established our Green Team and partner with organisations who can help us achieve our goals. We have membership of (or participate in) the following organisations and programs, with employees who actively contribute:

  • Sustainability Advantage program
  • ACS NSW & ACT Purchasing Committee
  • ACS Sustainability Advisory Committee
  • Baptist Care Australia Sustainability Circle of Excellence
  • Threats and Opportunities: Business Responses to Climate Change
  • Part of the Hunter Project conducted by The University of Newcastle
  • Hunter Water Saver program
  • Metropolitan South Institute of TAFE:  Part of ‘Emerging Leaders’ project, encouraging better aged care practices
  • TAFE Queensland: Part of ‘Emerging Leaders’ project, encouraging better aged care practices

We encourage engagement re sustainability with staff, suppliers, customers and the wider industry through attending and hosting Sustainability Advantage Cluster meetings.

In addition, we present occasional ‘tool box talks’ to our employees and residents to help them understand what we’re doing, their sustainability footprint, and how we’re tracking against our benchmarks.

The Green Team

Our Green Team is a committed band of employees who meet regularly to swap ideas and think of small things that could make a big difference. For example, one of their initiatives was to lop five minutes off the drying cycle, saving around $5,660 a year.

We welcome your interest in Maroba. If you have any feedback on our social responsibility aspirations, please call us on 02 4935 0300 or email us at enquiries@maroba.com.au