Maroba joined the NSW Office of Environment & Heritage Sustainabilty

Advantage Program in May 2009.

Bronze Partner: April 2011

Silver Partner: September 2013

Gold Partner: Watch this space!

The Sustainability Advantage Program helps us make sense of all the noise about sustainability, and helps us to find a clear path of action to deliver the best results for Maroba and the environment.

With the available templates, government support and advice, we are better able to plan and implement sustainability strategies into our general business plan.

To date we have:
  • Established a Sustainability Committee – the Green Team
  • Completed Sustainability Advantage Diagnostics
  • Completed the Vision, Commitment and Planning module.
  • Developed a Sustainability Strategic Action Plan (Road Map).
  • Completed the Staff Engagement module

Currently, we’re working through the Supply Chain module.

Better together

A key feature of the Sustainability Advantage program is that it ‘clusters’ businesses that share regional, industry or supply chain interests.

Cluster meeting are held three or four times a year and give us the chance to share innovations and draw on the ideas and experiences of like-minded organisations.

If you’re just starting out on your sustainability journey, we recommend the Sustainability Advantage program to put you on the right path.

We welcome your interest in Maroba. If you have any feedback on our social responsibility aspirations, please call us on 02 4935 0300 or email us at