How we helped the environment in 2016

2 March 2017

In 2016, Maroba’s awesome team reduced our greenhouse gas emissions. While we were doing that, we were saving power and recycling food waste!

Some of the fantastic savings we made were:


  • 25% less grid consumption
  • 32% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions


  • 27% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • 21% reduction in fuel consumption


The Hunter Aged Care Dining Revolution

8 February 2017

Maroba, Coles Refrigeration and Catering Industries hosted a dining experience training session for 44 people from 16 different aged care organisations across NSW. We had people come from Sydney, Denman, and even as far away as Coonabarabran. All of these wonderful people came to learn about how to make the dining experience exceptional for their residents. We watched some wonderful cooking demonstrations, ate some delicious meals and learned some wonderful methods for improving the experience of our residents.

Here at Maroba, we’re going to be introducing the new dining experience for our residents on 1 May 2017. We can’t wait to give our residents more joy and a new experience to enjoy. We will update this story with feedback from our residents in the middle of the year.

Maroba Worm Farm


One of the initiatives the green team is very excited about is our worm farm, Maroba purchased a 1000 litre worm bin in 2015. Currently our chef Patrick is feeding the worms with all the scraps from the kitchen. Our ultimate goal is to send no food waste to landfill. Tania from our maintenance department sells the worm juice for $1.00 a litre to staff residents or families to purchase for their gardens.Maroba Worm Juice is now FOR SALE!!

Get a wriggle on and be the early bird in your garden.

Worm juice has many great benefits in the garden, from conditioning soil keeping it heathy, assisting in plant growth enhancing production in flowers, fruit and vegetables.

It can help deter pests and diseases on your plants.

Purchasing is available Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm through the Grounds Coordinator or at reception.

Quantities available: 2L for $2 or 4L for $4

Do you want a biological friend in your garden? Then worm juice can help your plants.

Green team competition


The green team is encouraging staff to be sustainable while working at Maroba. One of the ways we engage staff is to run a competition between Resident wings to see which area is the most energy efficient. Members of the green team conducted a audit on the staff reducing energy by turning of lights, TV’s, and air-conditioners not in use.

The first winner of the competition wining Pizza for lunch was Waratah wing.

Solar Panels

June 2015

Off the back of the success of the solar panels installed in the self care units, we embarked on having a solar system installed in the Manor and Lodge facilities. After putting to tender, we chose a local company in keeping with Marobas social, economic and environmental responsibilities. We looked at different technologies and the most appealing at the time was an optimised 100kw solar panel system.

Since commissioning in November 2014, we have:

  • Generated 217MWh of power
  • Saved 85 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is the equivalent to planting 284 trees or powering 6058 light bulbs for a day

Water saving cleaning technology


The hospitality services division was eager to participate in a sustainability project and help Maroba reduce our impact on the environment. The team investigated several new cleaning technologies and found the Interclean system, with thanks from our supplier, Castle Chemicals. Once the new system was adopted, we calculated the savings, and they were fantastic!

  • Old cleaning system: 1, 620 litres of water per day
  • New Interclean system: 108 litres of water per day
  • Saving: 78,624 litres of water per year! To put that into a visual, it’s the same amount of water as around 1,100 showers!
  • A reduction of 93% in water consumption