Statement of Intent

To ensure that our stewardship leaves the environment in the same or improved condition than it is currently. Maroba seek to improve the quality of life of our residents while fostering a community engaged in sustainable practice.


This policy applies to all people associated with Maroba including volunteers, employee’s, contractors, visitors and those who we engage to represent Maroba.


Maroba respects our relationship with the environment and its life sustaining ecosystems. We acknowledge the impact human activities can have on the environment and aim to deliver standards and procedures that minimise our impact while operating within our day to day business.

We strive to lead the Aged Care community through innovation and best practice toward a sustainable environment by:

  • Maroba aims to be the benchmark for best practice for environmentally sustainable Aged Care across NSW
  • Integrating environmental sustainability principles into our everyday systems, processes and individual accountability through position descriptions
  • Researching and implementing environmentally sustainable systems for energy and water consumption and waste minimisation
  • Promoting our staff and residents to strive towards Maroba’s sustainability goals through education and engagement
  • Promoting the sustainable practices of our contractors through incorporating environmental sustainability principles in our contracts
  • Supporting our local community through sustainable local purchasing wherever possible
  • Networking with Aged Care providers across NSW to exchange knowledge and experience of sustainable business practices

Maroba recognises its responsibility to practice and promote behaviours that support and contribute to environmental sustainability within the Aged Care sector, our local community, Australia and internationally.


  • Reduced Carbon footprint
  • Reduced consumption of energy and water
  • Reduced consumption of goods and services
  • Lead the Aged Care community as the forerunner of environmental and sustainable practice

Approved by the Maroba Senior Leadership Team