Coronavirus Update  #60

Greetings Family and Friends of Maroba

Re. Weekend visitation

Further to Update #59, after feedback from weekend staff we have made a minor change to weekend visitation.

The following arrangements are effective from this weekend, 17 July.

  • Visiting on the weekend is by appointment only. Appointments can be made via Reception on (02) 4935 0300. (unchanged)
  • Appointments are available at 10am & 3.30pm. (change to afternoon appointment time)
  • If visiting a resident in The Lodge there is no need to go to The Manor first. Please proceed straight The Lodge for check in.
  • Staff on duty will meet you at the entrance of either The Lodge or The Manor at the above times to facilitate check-in. Please arrive on time so that staff can return promptly to caring duties.

Please remember

  • 2 visitors only per day per resident (Public Health Orders)
  • Check-in via Coolguard Visitor Management System
  • Masks are mandatory
  • No congregating in communal areas which includes the cafes

Visitation arrangements for week days remain unchanged.

Thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation.

Stay safe!

Kind regards

Louise Adnum
General Manager, Corporate Services

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