Update #16 – Welcome back to family and friends

We are excited to announce that as of tomorrow, Tuesday 23 June 2020 our doors are open once more for visitation to family and friends.

To keep everyone safe and in conjunction with Department of Health guidelines, the following protocols will be in place;

  • Visiting is between 10-4.30pm, Monday to Friday with the doors being locked at 5pm. No appointments are necessary unless visits can only be made outside of these times;
  • All visitors must present with a current influenza vaccination certificate, have their temperature checked, and sign in as per usual;
  • There is to be a maximum of 2 people per visit with no age limit in place;
  • Visits are to be in rooms only. ie. no congregating in communal area.

Note: NSW Health issued a directive on 25 June 2020 – any person who has visited Melbourne in the last 14 days is not able to visit Maroba until the 14 day isolation period has finished. We will continue to monitor updates and advise when this restriction has eased. Meantime, Zoom and Facetime calls can be a great means to connect with loved one. Appointments can be made via Reception.

One arrival and whilst on the premises, please adhere to social distancing and practice good hand hygiene at all times.

If you wish to take your loved one on an excursion outside of Maroba, we request an ‘ Day Excursions Risk Assessment Form’ be completed so that we have all the information if contract tracing is necessary.
We ask it be submitted 48 hours prior of the intended outing. The form can be downloaded here and submitted by email to enquiries@maroba.com.au.   Note: We will not be contacting the organiser unless we have some questions of the event.

We encourage everyone to read our full update – download here

Food Safety Tips – download here

We look forward to welcoming you all back to Maroba.