Corporate Social Responsibility

People and Communities

The Maroba team enjoy being involved with the community and charitable organisations. We freely invest our time, engage in corporate sponsorships, and seek involvement in networks and committees.

Our goal is to collaborate with community and organisational partners, to deliver meaningful health and wellbeing programs to benefit everyone involved. Our Maroba team, in partnership with our residents and families, are vital to our success and place them at the heart of everything we do, embracing diversity, living our mission, vision and values.

We are committed to building relationships with like-minded organisations who share our values and are focused on bringing positive change to the lives of all people.

Community Support & Partnerships

  • Local Community Waratah
  • St Antonies
  • Sista Code
  • Got Your Back Sista
  • Dementia Australia
  • Divas on the Green
  • Community Garden
  • Buy a Bale Campaign
  • Mark Hughes Foundation – Brain cancer research
  • RSPCA Fundraiser
  • St James connections with building relationships
  • HMRI – Ovarian Cancer research

Educational Partnerships

  • University of Newcastle
  • Smiles Program
  • Smart Training and Consulting Groups

Environmental Sustainability

Maroba is committed to making a positive and sustainable difference for our community and the environment.

This is achieved through our valued partnerships within the community, and by considering the social and environmental impacts of everything we do. We consistently  strive to enhance sustainability practices in all areas of our business by focusing on good business practices, supporting positive social, environmental and economic outcomes.

Maroba’s Green Team are enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated to educate and encourage staff to follow sustainable practices, working together to make a positive difference to the environment.

Maroba’s goal is to be creative and innovative in the way we deliver services, purchase products, use our energy resources and manage our waste. We understand and value the use of natural resources and are committed to lowering carbon emissions and developing waste solutions.

Our current initiative is to reduce the use of disposable cups in our cafes by encouraging families and staff to donate undamaged mugs no longer in use in the home to Maroba’s cafes.

Our Sustainability Policy can be accessed here

Maroba’s environmental approach to operations includes:

  • Reducing our environmental footprint
  • Recycle and reusing of consumables whenever possible
  • Supporting awareness of environmental issues
  • Renewable energy and waste reduction strategies
  • Environmental purchasing whenever possible

Our current contributions and initiatives:

  • 100 kw solar system
  • Solar hot water tanks
  • Rain water tanks
  • Recycling programs
  • Superior insulation
  • Utilisation of the most energy efficient lighting products
  • Efficient air-conditioning complimented with natural ventilation
  • Double glazing windows with external fixed window shading
  • Sustainable products, fittings and inclusions
  • Use of biodegradable chemicals where reasonably practicable