Nutritional Health – Meals & Refreshments

Meals and Refreshments

Maroba recognises that meals are one of the most important parts of the day.  We have a resident focused approach that provides our residents with good food, dining and beverage experiences.  We place an emphasis on providing high quality meals that are appetising, provide variety, choice and access to food and beverages 24/7.

Our meals are freshly prepared on site and are based on a 4 weekly rotating seasonal menu that is developed in consultation with our residents via a Food Focus Forum.  This forum is held to ensure the needs and preferences of the residents are known.  Our menus are also reviewed by a dietician to ensure they meet nutritional standards.

If food is brought into Maroba it is recommended to discuss this with staff first as we are required to adhere to food safety guidelines and some foods are not suitable to bring into an aged care facility.

Please refer to the  Aged-Care-food-safety-tips-brochure.

To learn more about Maroba’s Nutritional menus, please view our current menu here or contact us for more detail.



Download the Food Safety Tips brochure here from Food Safety Information Council that provides information on cooking for the elderly.

Sample Menu