The Maroba Connect, news from Maroba Aged Care for August is out now!

Message from the CEO

The year is certainly progressing at a great pace! However, we will never move so rapidly that we don’t take the time to pause to give thanks for all the wonderful people who serve our elders day in, day out. Did you know that there are more than 360,000 aged care staff serving older people in Australia? Here at Maroba we have 245 committed individuals who turn up to serve in teams across every facet of the organisation.

On Saturday 7 August it is Aged Care Employee day, a day to celebrate and honour those who care for 1.3 million older Australians. Maroba will recognise and celebrate the combined efforts of our dedicated teams by hosting a BBQ here on Monday 9th of August.

At this time, we especially think of our teammates who have achieved very significant milestones this year.  People like Chery Hodder who has reached 34 years of committed service at Maroba and is still going strong! And we remember with thanks Rhonda Godkin who retired in July after 21 years and 11 months and Jackie Rouse who also retired recently after 18.5 years of faithful service.

In July we celebrated NAIDOC week and for the first time in Maroba’s 67 years we raised 3 flags to acknowledge the value and significance of our first Nations people. The Australian, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islands flags now proudly fly together prominently located between the Lodge and the Manor. During this week of celebration, we came together as a community for the raising of the flags. Together we stood and joined hands symbolising our appreciation of our diversity and our commitment to always support one another no matter the colour of our skin or where we were born. Together we declared “We are one. We are many. Let’s Live our Potential.” The mood was contemplative and the comments of many can be summed up in this statement … “For me there was a lovely atmosphere – great community spirit.” The afternoon tea that followed included a special menu to reflect some traditional bush tucker which thanks to Bec was spectacular.

On the Covid vaccination front, I received my second dose of Astra Zeneca vaccine recently so I am now fully vaccinated and can advise that 82% of staff at Maroba are now fully vaccinated or have had 1 vaccination. We anticipate over the coming weeks that this figure will increase.  This is pleasing news when you consider the difficulties we have faced in the past few months obtaining vaccine appointments.

We look forward to better times ahead as we constantly manage the shifting status of the Pandemic within our state.  Thank you once again for your support to date of Maroba.

Viv Allanson
Maroba, CEO

Download the full newsletter here which also includes visitor statistics, social highlights and news on NAIDOC week.