How we communicate @Maroba

When you enter Residential Care there are many things to consider, decisions to make and a new life to adjust to.

We understand communication is important and is key to effective relationships and understanding residents needs.

Maroba ensures information is available in many different forms and is provided in a clear and easy to understand language, so residents can make informed decisions.

Where communication occurs with a resident’s nominated person responsible we expect they will communicate any information to other family members and all relevant persons.

We know how important it is for families and friends to stay connected with loved ones.  Our newsletter ‘Maroba Connect’ is distributed to residents, family and friends on a regular basis via email and our distribution list. You can also download from our website via ‘News’ or collect a copy at Reception. We have an active FaceBook page which is another way residents, family and friends can stay connected with the Maroba Community.

If friends and family members other than the person responsible wish to be on our distribution list for general correspondence and updates please advise Reception, or send an email to to request inclusion on the distribution list. We are also able to arrange FaceTime or Zoom calls by appointment to keep you connected with loved ones who are not able to visit.

Residents Meetings

We hold regular meetings to consult with residents, so there are opportunities for residents to offer suggestions, feedback and contribute to their lifestyle and the Maroba community.

Suggestions, comments & concerns

Maroba recognises the importance of feedback as a valuable and unique source of information.

Feedback allows us to improve our services which is essential for continuous improvement, enhancing the care we provide and your lifestyle.

Confidential feedback can be provided by

  • Completing a form on-line here
  • Emailing;
  • Collecting a Feedback form from the Reception areas and returning completed forms to confidential boxes available in the Reception areas;
  • Making an appointment to discuss any issues or concerns with management

If you would like to know more about our Feedback and Complaints process, download a Have your say flyer or pick up a flyer at our Reception area.

Open disclosure

Maroba uses the open disclosure approach in communicating with you and your chosen representative when things go wrong ensuring open, honest, empathetic and timely communications occur.

The information on this webpage is an excerpt from the Maroba  ‘Residents Handbook’ which is given to all Residents and Families when they join the Maroba Community.

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