Update #2 – Outbreak 13.10.21

October 13, 2021 – issued 8pm

Dear Residents & Family members,

Thank you for your messages of support during this difficult time.

The Covid team joined a meeting via video this afternoon with a large contingent of health professionals that included representatives from NSW Health, Public Health Unit, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission and the Commonwealth Department of Health. Maroba is now in the hands of these experienced health professionals and we are operating under their directions.

Whilst we take some comfort in the fact that all 99% of residents have been fully vaccinated for Covid-19, it was agreed prudent at the meeting to have the residents in the suburb of Honeysuckle swabbed for Covid-19. This email is to advise that Sonic will be on-site tomorrow morning (14 October) to swab all residents in the suburb of Honeysuckle for Covid-19. We have been advised that results could take 24-48 hours to come through.  After conducting internal contact tracing, at this stage the health authorities did not feel it necessary to swab all residents.

We realise having just commenced visitation again that this news is disappointing. Please remember Zoom and FaceTime calls are available to connect with your loved one and can be booked via Reception or you may like to email enquiries@maroba.com.au. Please be patient with staff during this challenging time.

Our next meeting with the health authorities is on Friday and we will provide another update late Friday afternoon.

Meantime, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe, stay well and remember, if you have the slightest sniffle please go and get tested.

Yours sincerely

Viv Allanson

Download 2021.10.13 #2 letter to families