Update #3 – Outbreak 13.10.21

Dear Family members,

Good news is, our residents in Honeysuckle have been tested and no residents are showing any Covid symptoms or fever across the whole facility.

We are learning another new normal as this situation progresses.

Our updates for the current situation have now been uploaded to our website. They can be accessed under news.


As we issue an update, we will continue to email contacts for the family members of  residents who have been nominated as primary, secondary and person responsible.

We have not uploaded our updates to our FaceBook account as it is important that immediate family are kept abreast first of the issue at hand, rather than find out via social media. Of course, if your family member is impacted in any way we will be in touch by telephone and if the situation evolves our family liaison team will be activated, along with our call centre for managing the calls and communications. Emails however are proving unreliable. We have had a number of instances where emails have not been received and we can’t explain this (perhaps junk mail and check if your mail box is full),  hence as updates are issued they will be emailed and also uploaded to our website.

Remember Zoom and FaceTime calls can be booked via Reception on (02) 4935 0300 or via email enquiries@maroba.com.au. Personal correspondence for residents can be sent to connect@maroba.com.au. Correspondence will be printed and laminated and given to your loved one.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require further information.


Viv Allanson